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Key Leader programs are organized and led by teams of volunteers dedicated to the development of youth and service leadership. All Kiwanis volunteers and chaperones obtain background checks and follow the Kiwanis Youth Protection Guidelines.The Individual selected to lead the event is known as the Site Coordinator. 

The Team

Meet the Site Coordinator


Cambrian Park

Russ Williams has been serving as our Site Coordinator since 2019. He leads a team of Kiwanis Members to recruit students for the event, maintain relationships with Camp Jones Gulch & Kiwanis International and leads the fundraising efforts to keep cost manageable. Come join Russ and the whole team by sending an email to Russ at

Past Site Coordinators

Kathi Tran (Cambrian Park)

Roberto Rivera (Willow Glen)

Jim Podja (West Metro San Jose)

Michael Akana (Woodside Terrace AM)

Gary Johnson (West Metro San Jose)

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